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Become the master of your master data

Gabriela Anca Aust
Gabriela Anca Aust

Interested in an affordable master data management (MDM) system?

CIO Review estimates that with traditional MDM vendors the IT investment for a typical master data management project is between 0.5 Mio $ and 2 Mio $. But these are just a fraction of the total cost. The typical consulting cost is 5 times the IT budget, meaning the total project cost will be anywhere between 3 Mio $ and 12 Mio $. The cost for the internal project ressources come on top.

if you are interested in an affordable solution, you have come to the right place:

  • we offer the master data management team license of up to 8 named users at € 699 € per month.
  • we offer the master data site license of up to 25 named users at 1399 € per month
  • we offer the master data enterprise license of unlimited users at 2.499 €/ month

This already includes hosting and power user hotline support. This covers the domains vendors / customers (business partners) and products.

Powerful features will bring you great business benefits

if your ERPs suffer from outdated, sometimes contradictory supplier and customer (business partner) information, missing fields and duplicates we have the solution for you:

  • flexible hub & spoke architecture with modern S.O.A.P based API
  • supplier self maintenance with flexible approval workflows (by category, by site, etc.)
  • for every system you can decide field by field how our master system distributes the master data information
  • ready made interfaces for master data enrichment services with D&B, BvD and TealBook data foundation, etc.

if you need an easy to use product master data system we provide you great value

  • flexible product schema incl. editor
  • easy up- and download features
  • online-editing
  • data versioning
  • version comparison
  • approval workflows
  • business-partner self maintenance incl. approval workflows